Deck 5 - Power Control

Power Control contains the heart of the starship, the Quantum Flux Drive. Most of this deck is filled with power conduits, coolant lines and other necessities for containing the power of a black hole.

A Quantum Flux drive is a strange sight at the best of times - the essence of a black hole trapped in a gyroscope of plasma, with enough energy to destroy a star. In the cold, dark, silent power room of an abandoned ship far from home, the sight is deeply unsettling. Only after a few moments staring at the perplexing sight do you notice a body near the control console at the far end of the room.

1 x Plasma Cutter
The body is badly burned along the arms, torso, legs and feet and a name tag on its uniform reads Chief Engineer Conrad Heinlein.
1 x M.E.M. Kit
The unburnt flesh is mummified.


Parts of the console have melted but is still usable.
1 x Command Override inserted in the console.
The floor has a halo of black burn marks roughly in the shape of a pair of feet.
Powering Up

Powering up the Quantum Flux drive requires a 12 step program using the console. It is a technical process needing an Extended Action with a target score of 30 and a resistance of 5. Each action takes about a scene.

The Quantum Flux drive starts to glow, power flowing back into the Leopold. In a few minutes the ship should be operational again. As the lights come on, you see a brown hive-like structure beneath the drive. A large, vaguely humanoid alien, accompanied by many smaller creatures, begins climbing out.


A pack of alien raptors have made themselves at home in this room. There is a single adult Alien, Raptor plus there are two 1d6+1 Alien, Raptor Young mooks per team member. Having been asleep underneath the drive they are slow to react. The adult alien will start the combat at a passive state of readiness. Characters will be fully en guarde before combat starts.

Power On

With the Quantum Flux drive activated the ship's orbital thrusters will operate regardless of other demands on power, preventing the ship's fall into the planet's atmosphere. Completing this task may make the characters redundant from Kleinler A.I.'s point of view if the A.I.M. (deck 3) and the in-system drives (deck 9) are operational.

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