Deck 4 - Crew Quarters

The Crew Quarters deck is two corridors extending from a mess hall.

This area is damaged and several doors have been torn off and incorporated into makeshift barricades blocking the corridor. There are tears in the deck plating and walls and behind the barricade there are several skeletons which are torn apart, their bones scattered and intermixed.

The Command Override keycard of Chief Medical Officer Becca Mayweather.
The door to one of the crew's quarters is welded shut.
Crew Rooms

Most of the rooms contain a bunk bed, desk and footlockers. A few personal effects remain, such as holodisplays and faded paintings. The items seem to be more civilian in nature than military.

Dr Kleinler's Quarters

A name plate identifies the room as that of Doctor Adolf Kleinler, Chief Science Officer, but otherwise the door is nondescript. It is locked but it is a low security door.

Inside on the far wall you see various test tubes and jars containing strange biological masses. Dozens upon dozens of research papers are strewn over the bed and desk.

1 x Medical Kit
1 x Surgical Laser
Dr Kleiner's own notes on the examination of an alien creature. Roughly humanoid in size with an underdeveloped carapace, large claw arms and powerful muscles, the creature also possesses signs of a near-human mind. The document theorises that it is not an animal but some kind of mutation caused by a virus or plague. It could be passed on to other humans without proper containment.
A scientific paper by Dr Fukushima of the Wuland-Yelani Corporation on Earth about the theoretical possibility of creating an artificial intelligence by uploading a human brain into a computer core. The process would kill the participant as the mind is transferred but it would then exist as its own program within the computer. It would be far more complex than a standard A.I. Notes indicate that Kleinler had already made plans to test this theory.

Chief Engineer Heinlein

The quarters belonging to Chief Engineer Conrad Heinlein are welded shut. Opening the door requires cutting equipment or brute force in an extended action. The target score is 20 and the resistance is 10.

Inside is a spacious room with a viewport looking down to the planet. The bed has several pieces of clothing on it, some of which are covered in dried blood. The desk has various components that seem to have been constructed in a rush or removed from other tools and devices. Over all, the room more resembles a workshop than a living room.

1 x Portable Deck
1 x Modified Plasma Cutter
Plans and components for a second Modified Plasma Cutter

The modifications to the plasma cutters are a rushed but workable design to turn a plasma cutter into a short range pistol which can still do its original job. Preparing the second cutter takes a scene and requires an action beating a resistance of 15.

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