Deck 3 - A. I. M.

The Artificial Intelligence Mainframe (A.I.M.) is where the computer core for the Leopold is located. A security desk is positioned outside the main chamber.

Arriving at the security desk leading into the A.I.M., it is obvious something has happened here. Smears of dried blood paint the walls and an old, desiccated body lies next to the desk with its head missing. The main door to the A.I.M. is closed but a thick window reveals a large dimly-lit chamber beyond.

1 x N52B Pulse Rifle with 13 rounds of ammo.
The corpse is of a marine; cause of death was probably having her head ripped off.
The corpse is mummified suggesting the ship's atmosphere for the last 20 years was very cold and dry, far below normal life support levels and also below its current levels.

The doors to A.I.M. are locked.

The security desk controls the doors to the main chamber, but the console shows an error preventing the doors being opened.
The error is due to corruption in the software.
The software has been overridden by a message saying "DANGER: DO NOT OPEN."

The doors can be opened with a moderate action.

Computer Core

The characters will need to restart the A.I. systems to gain control of the ship and discover what has happened to the crew.

Even in the dim red glow of the emergency lights it is clear that the core is a large room extending 20' above and 30' below door level. There is no floor to most of this room at this level, just a walkway around the outsides with consoles in each corner. In the centre of the room, on the same level as the walkway, is a cubicle with a door marked Assyl but with no access to it. Barely visible below, most of the lower space is taken up by the large banks of computing needed to fly a ship at faster-than-light speeds. Above are the massive cooling systems needed for this much processing power.

The lack of floor is a security system designed to stop access to the vulnerable avatar when the computers are offline.
Activating the four corner consoles will raise the floor and start the reboot of the ship's A.I.
The emergency lighting has a brownish hue to it rather than the normal red.

Activating the consoles is easy and they can be done one at a time.

Aliens Attack

The activation of the core will awaken the aliens who liked this cool, dark chamber. Six 1d6+0 Alien, Larva mooks per character are hiding on the ceiling.

The consoles come online and the main lights turn on. Power is restored to the room and within seconds the floor begins to extend, piece by piece, forming a solid surface and allowing access to the core. As the floor sections snap into place you notice that the light has a distinct brown tint caused by an organic, pulsating growth covering the lights and cooling equipment on the ceiling. As you watch, something starts to crawl out of the growth.

By the time the characters have noticed the aliens and the aliens have fully woken up, everyone is at full readiness for combat.

For the first three rounds of combat two aliens will drop from the ceiling next to each character. This does not count as the mook's action and they will immediately attack. Characters may try to shoot the aliens on the ceiling but they gain 2d6+0 bonuses for cover from the equipment and growth plus any situation bonuses for range. Game Leaders may also point out that destroying the cooling equipment on the computer system they just started might not be a smart idea.

Assyl the Avatar

The startup sequence for the core will take a scene.

With the chamber fully active, the core automatically opens its doors and inside you see a female figure. She is plugged into the core itself by a dozen cables attached to her body. There is a burn mark on her head near her left eye.

Assyl is a full artificial intelligence system with a personality. She speaks in a clear, friendly voice which has a slight electronic timbre to it. As she activates and looks around at the characters there is a confused look on her face. If the team have not reconnected the main power on deck 5 she will then look panicked.

No Power

Activating the core without starting up the Quantum Flux drive on deck 5 will place too great a drain on the ship's emergency power. The Leopold's orbital thrusters have cut off and in approximately one hour the Leopold will burn up in the atmosphere. Assyl will immediately inform them of the key facts. As her existence is just as much in jeopardy as the characters, she will be completely honest with them.

  • Simply turning off the computer core will not work as complete shutdown takes two hours.
  • Power can only be restored manually on deck 5. This will be sufficient to stabilise the ship's orbit if done within the next sixty minutes.
  • The corvette could be used to escape the ship as Chief Heinlein was planning. It is fully operational but will require a Command Override card to open its airlock.
  • Assyl knows Heinlein did something to the external hangar doors and the bulkhead doors between the ship and the corvette hangar. She does not know what he did but Heinlein did take some of the explosives from the cargo hold.
Quizzing Assyl

The players can ask Assyl questions about what happened to the ship and the original crew. She will be honest but not entirely trusting until she understands who the characters are and what they are doing on the ship.

  • The ship mission proceeded as planned until five days after arrival when a breakout of an unknown life form occurred from the Science Labs.
  • At first the problem seemed under control but then the hostile A.I. started interfering with the ship's system. Within hours aliens had infested the whole ship.
  • The entire crew apart from Chief Engineer Conrad Heinlein was killed within 24 hours of the initial incident.
  • Chief Engineer Heinlein prepared the corvette as an escape vessel and successfully placed the ship on emergency power to prevent the hostile A.I. from jumping the Leopold away, but he was killed before he could escape.
  • Assyl herself was injured and her memories are confused and possibly damaged. She has almost no memories after the initial alien escaped from Kleinler's lab and cannot remember how she got the burn mark.

On the last 21 years she has little information other than what she can glean from ship's log.

  • The ship has been inactive since the power went off and the core was shut down.
  • The hostile A.I. has control or partial control of some systems and Assyl cannot establish what they have been doing for the last 21 years. These systems include communications, sensors and life support.
  • Aliens were on board but they appeared dormant until recently.
  • Around 24 hours ago, life support systems were returned to normal.
  • A few hours ago crew member Ensign Diana Millard awoke from cryostasis. She was in stasis due to a medical issue that was beyond the ship's ability to treat but her current location is unknown.

Assyl can also give the characters an overview of the current state of the ship (this may depend on the team's actions so far).

  • The in-system drives are offline. Without these the ship cannot escape the gravity well of the planet and therefore cannot engage the Quantum Flux Drive. To restore the in-system drives the plasma conduits on Main Engineering (deck 9) need to be opened.
  • The ship is widely infested with aliens, most small but some are larger and one massive creature is present.
  • An unknown hostile A.I. attempted to take over the ship and has some link to the alien threat.

If the players think to ask, Assyl knows that four members of the crew had Command Override cards. Due to the actions of the hostile A.I. she is unable to give their precise locations when the aliens attacked, only the last place they accessed Assyl's systems.

  • Captain James Shepard, last contact in Medical.
  • First Officer Commander Jane Burkestrom, last contact in Security.
  • Chief Engineer Conrad Heinlein, last contact in Main Engineering.
  • Chief Medical Officer Becca Mayweather, last contact in Crew Quarters.
Assyl The Guide

Once characters have a plan of action Assyl will speak.

I can help you navigate through the ship safely but in exchange for that help I want you to take me with you. I might not be flesh and bone but I still wish to survive. Please help me, either to take control of the Leopold or to escape on the Corvette.

Assyl knows the layout of the ship and can help players get from one deck to another through safer routes. She can also inform players what was on the deck twenty-one years ago and advise on how to proceed if asked, but cannot be used in combat as she lacks suitable programming.

Searching the Databanks

With the computer systems back online, characters can start investigating the databanks. Apart from the information provided by Assyl or included in the ship's log (see Deck 1 - Command & Control) they can learn little as the ship's systems are a proverbial warzone.

Massive changes have been made to the systems with software deleted or replaced and data storage corrupted. The Assyl A.I. is trying to restore functionality but something is actively fighting her.
Some access to the systems is not via hacking but by using undocumented but legitimate command overrides.
There is no external access to the ship's computers so whatever is doing this came from inside the computer system.
Around the time of the initial attack on the computer system, there was some very intensive data uploading and processing taking place in Dr Kleinler's cabin.


The Kleinler A.I. needs the characters to restart the computer core (now complete), reactivate the Quantum Flux drive on deck 5 and restore the plasma conduits on deck 9 (vital unless the characters plan to abandon ship). If these are complete the characters are now superfluous to the A.I.'s need and he will attempt to kill them, either directly (see the Airlock Incident) or via helping the aliens (see the Gravity of the Situation).

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