Deck 2 - Hydroponics & Medical

The medical centre is vital for saving the life of Haley Nielsen and is a useful resource for patching up injured characters.

Almost the entire deck is assigned to a large hydroponics room. Visible through windows are living plants; clearly some life support was running in this area over the last twenty years. The plants are thriving and have overgrown their beds leaving the room looking like a jungle. A small sign indicates the medical centre is on the far side of this unexpected garden.

As the door to hydroponics opens, there is a hiss of pressure equalisation indicating the area beyond the door has been isolated for some time.
The air in hydroponics smells a lot fresher than the rest of the ship.
Patches of rust-brown dust can be seen on some of the walls.
A box for transporting cats sits out-of-place in one corner (1 x Jamesy's Carry Case).

Hydroponics is the home to Jamesy the Cat, the last survivor of the original crew. He is old, grey and a little thin but he is still a ship's cat; friendly to anyone with treats, a vicious ball of fur and claws to everyone and everything else. When the ship was active the hydroponics area provided fresh food but almost more importantly was an oasis of life for crews on long deep space voyages. Jamesy was part of this psychological aspect of the hydroponics area and had his own automated feeding station. Free from diseases and danger, Jamesy has lived happily on his own for the last 20 years.

Of course, the players don't know this and it is a great opportunity to play up the tension as they notice something moving around in the undergrowth.

Medical Bay

The doors to the medical bay are sealed with an indicator light warning the area is under quarantine. A small window allows the characters to see into the room.

Medical contains four beds for patients, two of which seem to be occupied by bodies with sheets pulled over them. There is a ventilation shaft in the corner, its access hatch lying on the ground. Medical paperwork is scattered over a desk.

The sealed doors can be opened with a moderate action. Regardless of how they are opened, as soon as the door to medical is opened a quarantine breach alarm will sound and the doors from hydroponics to the rest of the ship will seal. These can only be opened with a hard action.

The air is stale and not like the hydroponics area.
The ventilation shaft is dark and narrow but large enough for a person to move through.
The outline of the sheet covering one of the bodies looks odd.

The paperwork has useful clues to the fate of some of the crew.

The paperwork covers two patients. The majority is an autopsy for one Doctor Adolf Kleinler with no cause of death established. The other notes is a simple admission note for a young marine who was, according to the scribbled note "Spat on by a big-assed alien." The marine died a few minutes after admission.
Kleinler's autopsy shows signs of attack by a small animal, three bites on the arm.
According to the medical notes Kleinler was found dead in his cabin, attached to the ship's computers via a neural jack.
There were signs of some kind of viral infection on Kleinler's body.

The medical centre is fully equipped but the most immediately useful items are:

1 x Medical Kit
1 x Surgical Laser

On one bed is the corpse of Kleinler, on the other is an Alien, Hybrid, the mortal remains of one of the crewmen who was infected with an alien virus. To the ship's medic the human appeared to have died, but in reality this was just a stage in the mutation. Put in hibernation like the rest of the aliens the creature kept mutating and what lies under the sheet is now barely human.

The creature will spring to life at a suitably dramatic moment, usually when someone pulls back the sheet or while the characters talk among themselves about escape routes. It starts 'En Garde,' fully ready for combat regardless of the situation.

Medical Facilities

The facility can be used to treat characters' injuries and the unfortunate Haley Nielsen. The medical centre counts as mundane equipment (worth 1d6+0) but is free and does not require potential to use.

Haley Nielsen is seriously injured and near death. She requires extensive and time-consuming surgery before she can recover any life advantages but the medical facilities here mean she can be stabilised for another 48 hours. The resistance for this is 4d6+0 but reduced to 3d6+0 if treatment is commenced within 24 hours of the accident. For every hour beyond 24 hours, an additional 1d6+0 is added to the resistance.


The ventilation shaft was used by Heinlein and Assyl when the Kleinler A.I. activated the quarantine system in an attempt to trap them in the room with the hybrid. The shaft is tight and not the sort of place a character wants to meet an alien. However, it is perfectly safe and the characters can go up or down one deck safely.


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