Deck 10 - Corvette Hangar

Between the aliens and the potential fiery crash into the planet, taking the corvette and fleeing is an attractive way out for the characters. As such it is set up as a final dramatic showdown.

Doors & Corridor

Of all the areas of the ship, the Corvette Hangar is the most protected against dangers such as explosions, depressurisation and attack. It is surrounded by a triple skin of thick bulkhead walls. The only way in or out is via the three bulkhead doors on the main corridor. When Chief Engineer Heinlein was trying to prevent the aliens and the Kleinler A.I. escaping he recognised the danger of them contaminating the corvette. He also needed a ship to leave the Leopold so he jury-rigged a protective device. First he locked down the corvette so it needed a Command Overide keycard to open the little ship's airlock. Next he depressurised the hangar bay from the inside and sabotaged the atmosphere control system. He then sabotaged each of the three bulkhead doors, allowing them to open but not close.

With this set-up anyone coming from the inside of the Leopold to the hangar bay can open the first two bulkhead doors without difficultly. However, once opened they are stuck open and cannot be closed. Now the third door cannot be opened because the safety systems recognise that the hangar bay is depressurised. The Kleinler A.I. cannot override the safety systems as they are hard-wired into the door. Only someone with the Command Override cards, the right hacking skills or the right explosives can force them open.

The Doors

The closed doors offer no clue as to their sabotage; only when the doors won't shut will there be any evidence of a problem. All three doors are rigged the same way.

When the door opened, it retracted too far and has now slipped out of alignment. The door cannot be shut without dismantling the entire corridor and employing heavy lifting gear.
This was very clever sabotage. A small but vital component limiting the door's movement has been removed.

Between the second and third doors a safety line has been secured to the wall and a vacuum suit is stacked neatly, ready be donned hastily.

Opening the Third Door

The characters' first sign that anything is wrong will probably occur when the control panel for the third door shows a red light and refuses to open.

The hangar is depressurised but the hangar doors (to open space) are closed.
It is possible to open the doors even with a vacuum on the other side but the safety system needs to be overridden or circumvented. The depressurisaton must have been deliberate. There is no evidence of a leak and the controls refuse to repressurise the hangar.
Opening the third door would cause a sudden change in pressure in the ship due to the vacuum in the hangar. Its effects on the rest of the ship will be unpredictable.
The damage from depressurisaton is likely to prevent the ship using its Quantum Flux drive.

There are three ways to open the door. The easiest way is to use Command Overrides to countermand the safety system but this needs two different override keycards. Using them is a trivial task except when doing it during combat or in the ship's final moments before burning up in the atmosphere. Under time pressure, entering and confirming each card requires an action with a resistance of 4. The doors will open a few seconds later (at the end of the combat round).

Using hacking or engineering abilities to open the door is an extended action with a target score of 20 and a resistance of 5. Each attempt takes a full combat round. In narrative play this is unimportant but if the character is in combat it poses severe risks - see Full Round Action in the 6d6 Core. Characters may attempt to speed up the process by only taking an action per attempt but this will add 2d6+0 to the resistance. Once successful, the doors will open at the end of the combat round.

Blasting the doors open requires the explosive charges to be placed in the centre of the doors. Activating the explosives is a free action but the charges are on a timer and will not explode until the end of the next round. Because of the nature of the shaped charges most of the blast is directed into the doors, but they do produce a Blast (2d6) explosion on the characters' side. The doors open instantly after the blast.


Whichever way the doors are opened the corridor will immediately depressurise as all the air is sucked into the large vacuum that is the hangar bay. All characters and aliens present must make a resistance against 4d6+0 or be sucked into the hangar. A character attached to the safety line gains a situation bonus but the line can only hold so many people before breaking. There is a 3d6+0 bonus if only one person is attached, 2d6+0 if two characters are on the line or 1d6+0 for three or more characters.

Anyone who fails their resistance moves one square per point by which they failed their resistance. Everyone who fails is also attacked by a 2d6+0 secondary effect as they slam into walls and equipment. Once the decompression is finished the atmosphere is breathable but thin. It's like being on top of a mountain. After five minutes the ship's life support system will compensate and the atmosphere will return to normal.


Attempting to open the third door will attract the attention of the Kleinler A.I. who will funnel a swarm of aliens in their direction. Depending on the circumstances the A.I. will want to prevent the team leaving and warning others of the danger, or to make a last desperate effort to get alien DNA on to the corvette so it can spread to Tau Ceti.

Ideally the characters will be rushing to get off the ship and opening the third door when it is their only hope of escape. As the characters struggle to hack the door or plant the explosives the aliens should be swarming down the corridor. Encourage the players to believe every alien on the ship is bearing down on them though the fight will be limited to one Alien, Raptor backed up by a number of mooks depending on team size. Per team member there are two 1d6+2 Alien, Raptor Young mooks and two 1d6+1 Alien, Larva mooks. The aliens will attack in waves with the larvae leading the way in the first round, followed by the young raptors in the second and the adult in the third round. Game Leaders can add extra waves or hold back waves as required to maximise the tension in the fight. As the final door opens, characters and aliens will be sucked into the hangar bay. The damage from this is likely to kill all the mooks.

In the Hangar Bay

The hangar is a large open space with hangar doors at one end and the bulkhead doors and corridor to the rest of Leopold at the other end. A corvette (the Omortson) is parked in the centre of the room with its airlock shut. Opening its airlock is either a moderate action, requires the use of a single Command Override keycard or uses some other method beating a resistance of 4d6+0 or 14.

The hangar doors leading into space are closed but a large explosive charge is clearly attached to them. A remote detonator for the explosives sits in the pilot chair of the corvette. Attached to it is a small fading square of yellow paper with the words 'Blow Me.'

Final Showdown

Whenever the players attempt to escape via the corvette they will have a final showdown with the Hive Lord. If other aliens are in the hangar they will back off as the Hive Lord approaches, leaving the fight to their master. The Hive Lord makes a lot of noise as he approaches with heavy thudding footsteps.

What happens next is up to the characters and Game Leader. This is the climax of the game, a time for heroic deeds and tragic deaths, and there are plenty of opportunities for both. The hangar doors are wired to explode and when they go anything not secured will be sucked out into open space. The corvette's mass keeps it safe from that fate. It has powerful in-system engines which should not be used in the hangar (its orbital thrusters are designed for use during docking). Firing the drives will kill anything in the hangar and also fatally damage the Leopold. The goal is a dramatic conclusion to the adventure. Rather than let the players simply shoot the Hive Lord until it is dead, aim for a more fitting and memorable end.

The Omortson

Heinlein left the corvette ready for a fast exit twenty years ago and it is still ready.

The corvette powers up and the engines fire, thrusting the ship out of the hangar and leaving the Leopold to its fate. Within minutes the corvette is out of the planet's gravity well and the status light for the Quantum Flux drive switches to green. The familiar sight of the twisting vortex of flux space opens up before the craft and the corvette begins its journey home.

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