Aliens, A.I.s and Characters

The aliens on board the Leopold are the product of alien DNA mixed with mammalian DNA, intermixed with a super-mutating virus. The alien DNA originated on the planet Oberon; the Earth DNA comes from the original terraforming attempt. The origin of the virus is genetic engineering by the Wuland-Yelani Corporation though the virus' behaviour and the effect when the two strands of DNA mixed were totally unexpected.

The alien life cycle starts with the larvae which then metamorphose into young raptors. These rapidly mature into adult raptors, the largest and strongest of which becomes the hive lord. The aliens carry the virus and some unlucky souls can become infected with it. This rapidly mutates the body into some form of human / hybrid alien though the effects are unpredictable and each one is unique.

A second alien life form was also accidentally carried on board. Spores of a fungus, also infected with the virus, came aboard by accident. Its incredible hardiness (it can thrive in the vacuum of space) allowed the fungus to pass the ship's biosecurity measures. It was fungus spores carried up on the outside of shuttle craft which led to the growth on the Leopold's hull and throughout the ship. Fortunately for the characters the fungus is harmless.

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