Aliens in space. People think back to Ridley Scott and the films which brought the horror survival concept into existence and this adventure is an obvious homage to various sci-fi alien and horror films (Alien, Aliens, Event Horizon). Several computer games (Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Alien Breed) have also influenced the adventure.

Quantum Flux is released under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) and you are encouraged to remix it. Just rip the text from the PDF. If you purchased the hard copy of this adventure from 6d6 you are entitled to the PDF as well when you register. You can also find the text of this adventure on the 6d6 Online Tools. See the Colophon for more information.

If you want inspiration for the remix or if you are just looking for something to show your players to put them in the right mood before playing, you can do worse than these works:

Alien and Aliens The classic films which created, in my view, the original science fiction horror survival story. Alien in particular came to mind for the origins of the story of how the characters came to encounter the alien and how they have to survive against it. Aliens simply added the idea that being outnumbered with limited supplies makes them all the more terrifying to survive against.

Event Horizon While taking a different style, the idea of finding a lost ship where madness consumes the crew felt like a wonderful idea to integrate into the adventure, replacing the influence used in the film with an A.I. that has lost all semblance of its creator's sanity and humanity.

Dead Space / Dead Space 2 These two games have excellent atmosphere for creating that sense of never quite knowing when and where the aliens are going to come after you.

There's plenty more that you can use as well if you want to take this adventure to new heights or move Quantum Flux into very different areas. Feel free to play with it.

Kieran Kowalski

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