The characters start the adventure on a bus, fleeing a nameless American city overrun by zombies. The apocalypse started 12 hours ago and each character has been through hell to survive. Only luck (or possibly divine will) has enabled them to escape the flesh-eaters this long. Before today, none of the characters have met.

Neither passengers nor driver have any idea where they are going apart from away from the city. As the bus climbs into the mountains, the sun is setting when disaster strikes and the bus is damaged, unable to go further without repairs as well as fuel. The lights of a house offer the prospect of overnight safety, fellow survivors and possibly the chance to repair the bus. All the characters have to do is walk through a zombie-infested darkening wood, unarmed and ill-prepared.

Reaching the house the survivors must first gain entry and search the house for the living and the undead. They find none of the former and several of the latter, including a deadly squirrel. By this stage, one or more characters is likely to be infected with the zombie virus, raising tension among the party which often leads to murder. Whatever team spirit the characters had fails by this point and each looks for their own way to survive the night.

Either as the survivors switch to "everyone for themselves" or if they believe themselves safe, the endgame begins. Two events will push the characters into a desperate dash back to the bus. The TV will announce the establishment of nearby shelters protected by the military and a horde of zombies will descend on the house. The former is just a hint for the players; the latter cannot be ignored as hundreds of undead break into the house.

To escape and drive off into the sunrise, the characters must:

  • Find the TV remote in the Front Room and switch to channel 55.
  • Visit the garage and locate the diesel and the toolkit.
  • Locate the 5 gallon jerrycan in the bunker or be prepared to carry fuel in pots and pans (1 gallon per pan) back to the bus.
  • Notice the new advice on channel 55 advising the characters to go to the government centres. This is mostly up to the Game Leader but if the characters never return to the Front Room they cannot be told.
  • Escape the house and the horde of Boy Scout zombies.
  • Repair the bus before being overwhelmed by more zombies.

This seemingly simple set of goals is rarely achieved but it is possible and the characters who work sensibly together can survive, or at least some of them will. However, the odds are against the players who should be encouraged by the Game Leader to role play in the style of zombie movies, e.g. splitting up and fighting among themselves. It is notable in zombie films how the real danger comes from the actions of fellow survivors and not the zombies themselves.

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