End Game

Like any good zombie movie, the game ends with a horde of zombies and a cinematic final fight. Exactly how and when the game ends is up to the players and the Game Leader. It is not necessary to carry on until the bitter end. Rolling the final credits with a lone survivor trapped in the attic or the house ablaze as the remaining characters limp off into the woods to face an unknown fate is totally within the genre.

The endgame starts whenever the characters either appear to be safe in the house, have collected everything they need to repair the bus or have started fighting among themselves, sabotaging any hope of escaping on the bus.

Beginning of the End

The characters first sign of the end will be on the TV channel 55. Characters in the front room will notice new announcements about heavily defended Government centres across the nation and instructions for everyone to head for their nearest location as quickly as possible. The channel will constantly broadcast this information along with reassuring images of troops with guns though the eagle-eyed watcher will notice that it appears to be stock footage, possibly from Hurricane Katrina.

A scrolling ticker-tape of locations constantly crosses the screen. The nearest one is within twenty miles of the house! On foot this would be suicidal but if the bus could be fixed they could be there within the hour.

If the characters have left the TV on the Salvation "God will save those who donate, guaranteed!" ™ Channel they will notice:

  • The preacher and his ministry will be looking more afraid and singing louder. The back doors of the church are beginning to move as if pushed from the outside.
  • A short time later, the zombies have broken in and people are screaming and running. The preacher is being eaten alive in the pulpit.
  • As the game draws to an end, the preacher is a zombie, moving his mouth and waving his arm as if preaching to a congregation of flesh-eaters.

Zombie Scouts

A scout jamboree was taking place in the woods when the zombie apocalypse struck. After an encounter with a infected squirrel, hundreds of boy and girl scouts have lost their interest in woggles and developed a taste for human flesh. The timing of their arrival at the house is left to the Game Leader but characters who have turned the TV to channel 55 should have a chance to notice news of the government shelters and organise themselves for the trip to the bus before the scouts attack.

At first there will be only one or two zombie scouts wandering aimlessly outside but soon there will be a lot more. They come out of the woods behind the house, appearing in the back garden and around the front of the house. If the characters were foolish enough to leave doors or windows open they will start to enter the house; otherwise they start to gather around all the entry points. Shortly afterwards the sheer weight of zombies will enable them to smash through windows, doors and barricades, entering from all directions at once (one of the less appreciated skills of zombies is excellent cinematographic timing).

Zombie Horde

All the zombies are children in Boy Scout uniforms. Each zombie is a mook with one gang of six 1d6+3 mooks per character in the first wave. If subsequent waves are required, increase them to 1d6+4 or more as needed. These zombies have a new trait:

Zombie Child Movement
Mosey only but easily climb over or under obstacles. Treat obstacles as MR1.

The idea behind the zombie scouts is to motivate the players into understanding that the house is NOT safe and the game is coming to an end. Pile on the infection rolls for infected characters, making them change quickly because it is dramatically appropriate.

The Game Leader has an infinite number of zombies to deploy and they will keep coming until the characters are overrun, but this is not an ideal end. The first wave of zombies should be accompanied with plenty of hints about how many more can be seen moving through the woods. Make it clear to the players this is the end and allow them to decide the fate of their characters. Those with the wherewithal to fix the bus should have a chance to reach it (see below). Allow characters to make noble sacrifices to save others or indeed to turn on each other. If a character wants to hide in the loft or take their chances just running off into the woods, allow them. It makes for a better finale than lots of dice rolling when there is only one possible outcome.


DT, 2011/04/22 12:56

Sometimes there are references to boy scouts, sometimes to scouts and here, to boy and girl scouts. I should pick one and stick to it.

DT, 2014/02/02 13:59

The boy scouts are currently Goblins.

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