If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

The characters must make their way though the woods to the house.

The light is fading rapidly in the woods and finding your way becomes more difficult. Hidden roots trip the unwary and trees are suddenly in your path. It's confusing and dangerous.

Finding a way through the woods is easy. The characters just have to go uphill and they will end up near the house, but finding a way which is simple and quick is much harder. Whoever is leading the survivors must make an action to navigate an easy route to the house using any appropriate abilities, such as Alert, Navigation or Track. The resistance is 10 and if they fail the entire group is led through thick undergrowth. This slows progress and the simple task of walking requires constant attention from the characters to avoid tripping or falling.

As the characters travel through the woods they cross paths with a zombie (monster sheet: Zombie In The Woods). The Game Leader should announce "something is about to happen" and ask for a prompted awareness action for each character to spot the danger. The zombie has no abilities for hiding and he is wearing a bright orange hunting jacket but gains 1d6+0 cover from the trees and an additional 1d6+0 if the party failed their navigation action thanks to thick undergrowth. If anyone makes their awareness action, the zombie is spotted and it starts the combat 30' from a randomly selected character. However if no one saw the zombie it starts adjacent to a random character.

The characters' combat readiness depends on the navigation action. Groups which were successful and found a good route will start combat at a passive or better level of readiness depending on what each character was doing. However the terrible footing and difficult undergrowth of a badly-chosen route results in all characters starting combat as busy. Unless the zombie was not spotted by the awareness action, the lead character will start the initiative sequence.

As night has not yet fallen the zombie is not at full power and, on its own, is relatively weak. It is here to give the players a taste of the game's combat system and a hint of what is to come. However, do not go easy on the characters. There is a good chance the zombie will infect one of the characters but it is very unlikely to kill anyone. Having an infected character in the party has a real impact on the group dynamics and greatly enhances the tension.

After the combat a successful search of the zombie will yield up 2 x Shotgun Cartridges. The characters will reach the house a few minutes later.

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