The House In The Woods

As the characters approach the house, the sun finally drops below the horizon and darkness falls. The game becomes more lethal at this stage as the Dice keyword on the zombies' Undead Toughness advantage activates after dark. The zombies in the house are also tougher. Some characters may be killed outright. Some, maybe most, will become infected and pose an ever-growing threat to the uninfected. These ticking time bombs add tension to the game and will almost certainly go off at the least appropriate times.

In front of you, standing in a clearing, is a wooden house with a tall, solid fence protecting its rear garden. A driveway leads away from the house heading over the the hill and to a distant road. The house looks to have two levels (or perhaps three, there is a small square structure at the top). Standing beside the house is a garage. Light comes from the house's front window but the curtains are closed. Sounds of singing or chanting come from within.

The singing sounds artificial, as if recorded.
The singing is hymns of a Christian origin.

The ways into the house are many and varied. Going through the locked front door requires an action (either brute force or skill) to beat the lock's resistance of 2d6+0. The window into the Front Room can easily be broken and climbed through. The garage is securely locked and bolted from the inside and cannot be opened.

The gate between the house and the garage is also bolted shut but characters can easily climb over the gate and open it from the inside. However the path between the house and garage is in complete darkness. Going around the back of the house, characters will encounter the 9' high fence running down the side of the Garden. In the darkness they will not be able to see where it ends but climbing over the fence is easy if one person assists another.

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