Outbreak! draws heavily on the entire canon of zombie films and is written to encourage a cinematographic feel in its play. One consistent theme in zombie films is that most, if not all, of the characters will die by the end of the film, often in horrific circumstances. Outbreak! follows that mould and, unlike most role playing adventures, expects the characters to be killed.

There is a 'proper' way for this adventure to end with the survivors driving off into the sunrise on their way to a secure government facility. However it is very unlikely that the party will achieve this. Instead the Game Leader should bring the game to a close at a suitably dramatic and cinematographic point.

Game Play

In keeping with the cinematographic feel of the adventure the focus should be on the narrative aspect of the game. Avoid getting bogged down in long-drawn-out combat situations or discussions about the minutiae of the rules. Instead, focus on building the paranoia and tension.

The bulk of the adventure takes place in the house. This is an interactive location with a set of triggered events rather than a plot that progresses through a storyline, although there are certain plot elements which build towards the game's climax.

Before you play, set a rough time limit on how long the game should last. Limiting time helps drive the game forward at a pace and makes bringing it to a dramatic end easier.

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