The staircase from the ground floor (Downstairs) to the first floor (Upstairs) is wide enough for two abreast. Any character falling down the stairs will be attacked by 1d6+0 of falling which they may resist with any appropriate cards. Zombies are always uninjured by falling downstairs unless it fits the narrative, in which case they end up impaled on the coat rack.


This area is lit when the characters arrive at the house.

The landing has three doors leading off it. In the far wall, one door is open and other door is shut. The nearest door is made of frosted glass but is shut and the room beyond it dark. In the centre of the landing is a steel ladder that leads up to a trapdoor in the ceiling. A window overlooks the back of the house and by it is a large cupboard.

The cupboard contains bed linen and towels.
If the characters stand quietly and listen they hear faint noises coming from the attic above.

Exits from the landing go to the Bathroom, the Master Bedroom, the Child's bedroom, up the ladder to the Attic and downstairs to the front hall.

Killer Squirrel

An infected squirrel lingers in the attic and will attack anyone who climbs the ladder and opens the hatch. It has been mutated by the zombie virus into a killer buzzsaw with fur and has none of the slowness of a normal zombie. However it has lost its interest in nuts and now wants blood. The squirrel is designed to be an unexpected, memorable encounter which almost certainly infects one character and very possibly kills someone outright.

The squirrel is fully ready for combat, attacking the moment a head appears through the hatch, and will have initiative. The character climbing must lift the hatch and hang on to the ladder at the same time. Unless they beat a prompted awareness action against the squirrel's 3d6+1 (Tiny, Barely Noticeable, Hide and Silent advantages) they will start the combat at a busy state of readiness. Successfully spotting the squirrel only improves their readiness to passive. Other characters may be more prepared but by the time they can act, it will be too late. The character on the ladder must retain at least one hand and one foot on the rungs or fall off, limiting their ability to act. Apply situation bonuses as necessary.


A drab room lit by a fluorescent tube with an ugly green bathtub, toilet and sink. The usual bathroom clutter of bottles, soaps and toys covers the surfaces.

2 x Aerosol Cans
First Aid Kit

Master Bedroom

The door to this room is open. The main light is off but a light in the walk-in wardrobe is on, providing enough illumination for the characters to survey the room.

Inside this blue-walled bedroom is a grisly sight. Lying on the bed are the half-eaten remains of a man. His intestines, most of his neck and his left hand are missing. His right arm is stretched out across a bedside cabinet and a variety of lotion bottles, framed photographs and bedside detritus lays scattered around.

An open door leads to what appears to be a walk-in wardrobe.

No medical skill is needed to diagnose the man as clearly dead - dead dead, not zombie dead. The walk-in wardrobe contains nothing of interest but the tight space and rails full of clothes provide a great opportunity for winding up the tension. There is only one thing to find in the bedroom, amidst the detritus on the floor.

A key on a key fob with a picture of Charlton Heston. This opens the gun cabinet in the Conservatory.

Child's Bedroom

The door is shut and the light is off when the characters arrive though the light switch is easy to find by the door.

This is a cheerful room. The walls are decorated in bright wallpaper with pictures of fluffy rabbits. A child's bed is in one corner while in the other corner is a large toy box with its lid closed. Toys are strewn around the room.

The 'obviously a trap' toy box is really there to distract players from the Zombie, Child (around 2 years old) underneath the bed. It attacks whenever someone stands next to or attempts to look underneath the bed. Anyone taking the time to very cautiously study from the doorway must beat the child's 2d6+0 (a situation bonus for the bed) to spot the creature.

The Attic

The ladder up to the Attic is easy to climb when not being attacked by zombies but during a fight it counts as MR 3. Descending the ladder only counts as MR 2. A character who wishes, for whatever reason, to hurl themselves out of the attic will be attacked by 1d6+0 of falling damage.

This room is cluttered with cardboard boxes and piles of junk. It is dusty and like most of the rest of the house, in need of some maintenance.

1 x Record Collection
1 x Rope.

The records may be thrown as mundane weapons (not ad-hoc) and the rope is a useful piece of equipment. As well as rescuing characters from the bunker, players may wish to use it to make traps such as suspending something heavy above the stairs. Game Leaders should allow players to do so, safe in the knowledge that they will cause the characters more problems than the zombies during the end game.

The attic can be secured by pulling up the ladder and locking the trapdoor. While the characters remain in the room the only creature which can get to them is a squirrel. Holes in the eaves would allow easy access for infected animals. A Game Leader who wished to drive players out of the attic, or one who is simply vindictive, could take advantage of this fact.

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