Garage & Outside

The gate at the front of the house leads to the alley between the house and the garage. A side door gives access to the Garage and characters can walk down the side of the house to reach the Garden and the Conservatory.


The Garage is a key location to the party's survival. It contains the Toolbox needed to fix the bus and the diesel (currently in the boat) needed for fuel. There are also useful weapons to be found. The side door to the garage is unlocked and a working light switch is just inside the door.

The garage is a clutter of rubbish and the debris of unfinished projects. Against all odds a motor boat sits on a trailer, draped with tarpaulin. Against one wall sits a work bench covered in a variety of junk.

3 x Aerosol
The boat runs on diesel and has five gallons in it, enough to fuel for up to 50 miles in the bus.
1 x Toolbox (it includes the vital duct tape).
1 x A Frickin' Chainsaw. The chainsaw is empty but unless the character checks, they won't know this.
1 x Old Paint Can (contains fuel for the chainsaw).

The double doors at the front of the garage are locked and bolted from the inside. There is no key and the lock's resistance is 2d6+3.

The toolbox and garage may give players ideas for jury-rigged weapons. Game Leaders can allow them at their discretion but point out to the player it will take several hours work (leaving their character in the garage while others explore the house) plus they must sacrifice one piece of equipment in its construction. The only real reason for Game Leaders to encourage this sort of behaviour is if it provides a new and interesting way for the character to kill themselves.

The Garden

The large garden stretches from the back of the house over 300' to the forest. A 9' tall solid fence runs down each side of the garden. Characters can climb over it and into the garden with help but getting out in hurry would prove more difficult. Treat as MR 5.

The garden is unlit and contains an overgrown lawn, flowers, bushes, trees and garden furniture as well a trampoline and other toys. The only light here comes from the house and when the players first arrive only the landing light is on, providing little help. In the dead of night the garden is a scary place with strange rustlings, shadowy forms and plenty of things to trip over.

Because of the garden's length the characters will not be able to see where the fence ends. They may assume that the fence goes right around the garden, but if they walk to the end of the garden they will spot it is open to the forest. There is nothing to stop any zombies wandering in the woods, such as a troop of boy scouts, finding their way into the garden.

If the players venture out into the back garden they will eventually find the Bunker doors. The entrance is similar to the entrance to a hurricane cellar with a pair of red, wooden doors set low into the ground at a slight angle. The paint is peeling, the wood is rotten and long grass obscures them. Characters exploring the garden without adequate lights must make a prompted awareness check beating a resistance of 10 to notice them. Failure means they will stumble and fall on to the doors, crashing though the soft wood and down into the Bunker (the fall counts as a 1d6+3 attack).

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