This adventures uses the British way of labelling floors. The ground floor is the floor in contact with the ground (Downstairs). The first floor is the first level above the ground floor (Upstairs).

Front Hall

The hall is unremarkable, the paint is chipped and the normal clutter of family life is around. The hall leads to the Front Room, Kitchen, the Landing and a hidden door under the stairs leads to the Cellar.

Light and noise is coming from the slightly ajar doors leading to the Front Room.
The singing from the double doors is hymns, coming from a TV.
There are noises from the white door leading to the kitchen.
The kitchen noises sound like someone chopping vegetables.
A small round door handle is lying on the floor.
Sticking out of the wall underneath the stairs is a small screw which once had a door handle attached.

Front Room

The Front Room has an exit to the Front Hall and leads into the Dining Area via the archway.

Inside this room, which is decorated in an unpleasant shade of green, the light has been left on. A sofa and ragged-looking recliner sit facing a television that is blaring away. On the television is a minister preaching to his congregation about how the apocalypse is coming and that this is God's judgment on fornicators and sodomisers.

The far end of the room is an open archway leading into an unlit room.

The remote control for the television is down the back of the sofa.
The TV And Channel 55

People wanting to turn the TV off or tune to a different channel will be disappointed to find that the TV is broken and the remote is needed for even the most basic operation. With the remote, characters have three main choices of viewing on the TV: either a random selection of automated TV channels showing cartoons or infomercials for health & beauty products; the Salvation "God will save those who donate, guaranteed!" ™ Channel; or they can be smart and turn to channel 55.

On channel 55 they'll find service announcements replaying on a loop, including long lists of areas where zombies have been reported (basically everywhere). Interspersed amongst these is information about zombies, but only one item is directly relevant. Anyone bitten is likely to turn into one of the zombies and there have been no cures found.

When the characters reach the Endgame, the content of the channels will change.

Dining Area

The lights are off but a switch can be easily found, revealing a dining table and chairs taking up most of the room. A frosted glass door leads out to the Conservatory and a serving hatch leads into the Kitchen. Both are closed at the start of the adventure.

There are sounds of chopping coming from behind the hatch.
The table and chairs can be broken apart to make clubs.

The hatch is narrow, just large enough to pass plates and dishes through. Any attempts at melee combat through the hatch incur a 1d6+0 situation bonus to the resistance. Range attacks are similarly affected unless the character is adjacent to the hatch. The hatch is MR 4 for anyone attempting to climb through from either direction.


The Kitchen is connected to the Front Hall via a solid wooden door and to the Dining Area via the hatchway.

Inside the kitchen stands a scene of domestic bliss. There are wooden cabinets, a deluxe cooker and a table with a chopping board. The scene is ruined by one addition. At the table stands a massively overweight zombie in the remains of a maid's outfit who is chopping vegetables with a large meat cleaver. As you look at her, her head comes up and she scowls. Cleaver still in hand, she lurches towards you.

The zombie is fully ready for combat and will start the initiative sequence. In the enclosed space of the kitchen, a single zombie is quite dangerous and the maid has a good chance of infecting a character as characters struggle to move in the cramped environment. Clambering on to the work surfaces is possible but they have a Movement Resistance of 2 per square. However anyone on the work surfaces is an easier target, granting their attacker a 1d6+0 situation bonus. A smarter approach is retreating out of the kitchen and shutting the door. The maid cannot turn the door handle and its solid wood construction will hold her back for some time.

For players who use the serving hatch effectively this room should be easy enough to survive. The zombie will attack the easiest possible target and if left no other options it will attempt to clamber on to the work surfaces and through the hatch. As this is MR 4 and the zombie can only mosey (a maximum of MR 3) it is doomed to failure. Anyone who is crazy enough to climb through the hatch into the kitchen while the zombie is still alive deserves to be eaten.

Once the combat is over the players can recover the Cleaver. A proper search of the area may also find various saucepans that can be ad-hoc (0d6+2) weapons or used to carry diesel, and various kitchen knives are usable but only as ad-hoc weapons.

The only exit from this room leads to the Front Hall.


The room is dark but if the light in the Dining Area has been turned on it will provide sufficient, though dim, illumination for this area. A light switch can be found by the door from the Dining Area.

The entire conservatory is made of glass in wooden frames, with a tiled floor. A pair of double doors lead into the garden while a door on the opposite wall leads into the house. In the conservatory itself there is a large metal locker with a padlock on it, and a tatty-looking deckchair.

The locker has a heavy duty padlock on it that provides 2d6+6 resistance to any attempts to open it (either with force or skill). Inside is a Double-Barrelled Shotgun and two Shotgun Cartridges. Reckless players who attempt to smash the locker open (for example with a chainsaw) will succeed automatically but damage the contents. The damage will look superficial without a close inspection beating a resistance of 10. When the gun is fired the cartridge will explode in the chamber. The character's attack automatically fails and they in turn are attacked by a 1d6+3 secondary effect.

A glass door leads from this room into the Dining Room and double glass doors open outwards on to the garden. Neither set of doors are locked. The glass panels of the walls and doors offer no resistance to being smashed and once broken they cannot be repaired.


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Note: if the characters enter the Front Hall via one of the other doors (eg they obtain entry to the house via the Garden and Conservatory rather than the front door) the 'left' and 'right' in the description won't be right.

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