The door to the stairs leading down to the Cellar is hard to find (see the Front Hall) and the stairs down are narrow, dark, twisting and rickety. The light for the stairs is broken.


There is a light switch for the cellar at the base of the stairs.

The cellar is damp and dingy. A dirty old lamp hangs from the ceiling but its feeble wattage does little to penetrate the gloom. Cardboard boxes full of Styrofoam lie scattered around. Curiously, a poster for Spinal Tap sits above the entrance to a small tunnel which has a pair of legs sticking out of it.

1 x Shotgun Cartridge

The legs in the tunnel are not attached to anything and in fact belong to the Zombie in the Bunker which pulled its own legs off trying to crawl through the gap. The legs appear to be wedged firmly in the slot and the characters must use brute strength to wrench them out. However they are not as wedged as it seemed and when a character attempts an action to dislodge them, they come out unexpectedly easily. The character pulling is sent staggering back and infected blood showers over everything. Anyone in the cellar must beat a 2d6+3 resistance or blood splatters land in the mouth and eyes, infecting them.

The passage was built to provide a route from the house to the Bunker but due to a error in construction it is impossible for a normal-sized person to fit down it. The tunnel is long and straight and with an electric torch it would be easy to see the far end. As the characters do not have a torch, all they know is that it well constructed, has smooth sides and is at least 5' long.

Only a child can easily move through the tunnel. Adults may try it but each 5' square has an MR 6 and any actions in the confined space gain a 3d6+0 resistance. The tunnel itself has blood and flesh smeared down it, left by a zombie who tore itself apart getting down the tunnel, and Game Leaders should miss no opportunity to point out how dark and unpleasant the tunnel is and how defenceless the character would be if attacked.


The Bunker is in complete darkness and its light is broken. Without a light source the character can see nothing. If someone has fallen through the doors above (see the Garden) they will just be able to make out the opening above their head. With a light source the characters can search the room.

The trapdoor is 10' above the bunker's floor and a broken ladder only descends 2' from the ceiling.
1 x Petrol Can
4 x Shotgun Cartridges

The Bunker is made from poured concrete and is depressingly solid and functional. At one end is a small passage leading through to the Cellar. Getting out of the bunker via the trapdoor above is quite hard and characters need to beat a resistance of 2d6+3.

Inside the Bunker there is a zombie which the family of the house trapped in the Cellar by pulling the handle off the door (see the Front Hall). The zombie crawled down the passage despite the fact it was tearing itself to pieces in the process. It is now crawling around in the dark of the Bunker, trying to get out and in the process making a noise as it disturbs the various boxes of junk stored in the room. Game Leaders may take this opportunity to ratchet up the tension for any characters trapped in the room with no light source.

The zombie has no legs and can only move one square per movement action, but characters without lights can also only move one square or they will trip over something. When combat does start both sides will be at a full state of readiness but the zombie will have initiative if there is darkness; otherwise it starts with the characters.

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