Back to the Bus

The race back to the bus should be chaotic. It is dark and the woods are full of zombies. One or more of the survivors is probably infected and if the characters are lucky, they are carrying a full Petrol Can and a Toolbox.

The Game Leader should decide at this point whether they want the players to finish the adventure and make their escape. If the survivors are badly mauled with vital equipment missing, then end it in the woods. After a short combat with a few Boy Scout mooks, the characters find themselves completely surrounded by hundreds of them. With their fate sealed, it is time for the Game Leader to switch to a cut-scene and describe the end of the film. Alternatively, if the characters have a chance of escape, allow them to reach the bus reasonably unmolested for a final showdown.

Fixing the bus requires someone to:

  • Crawl under the bus and spend a scene patching the hole with the duct tape. This is a [Moderate] action.
  • Stand outside the bus and pour the fuel into the tank after it has been repaired. There are five gallons in the can; pouring one gallon into the tank takes an [Easy] action. Failure means that in their haste the character spilled a gallon of the precious fuel. If the players were paying attention they know they need two gallons to go the 20 miles to the centre.
  • Start the bus. Did anyone take the keys and are they still alive? It can be hot-wired but is a [Hard] action.
  • Successfully drive the bus back on to the road and away. This is [Easy].

This is the climax of the adventure, the characters' last desperate attempt to escape. As the characters start their repairs, a lone flesh-eater (Zombie, Slow Mook 1d6+6) appears out of the woods some distance off and slowly starts to shuffle towards the bus. As repairs continue a few more appear and they draw closer. Allow two zombies per character but add additional flesh-eaters as and when a zombie is destroyed. By the time characters are filling the tank the zombies should be reaching the bus, making for a desperate panic as characters have to choose whether to pour the diesel or to defend themselves. The vehicle itself is not secure. The doors won't shut and many of the windows were smashed leaving plenty of opportunities for the zombies to board the bus.

If the characters are overwhelmed by the zombies or they manage to start the bus and successfully drive onto the road, switch to a cut scene and describe the end the adventure. The sun rises, the camera zooms out and the end titles roll as the sounds of Radio KBFL are once more heard.

This is Mikey McCann speaking to you for one last time. The flesh-eaters are in the building and my time is short. I last spoke to General Koby Bryce three hours ago but since then there has been no word from any of the emergency centres. If you can hear this, don't go to the centres. They are no longer safe.

We can no longer rely on the Government to protect us. We can no longer rely on our gods to protect us. It is up to each and everyone of us to choose our own path and define our own futures.

I wish all our listeners good luck. Thank you for listening to KBFL. I've been Mikey McCann, signing off with Louis Armstrong and What A Wonderful World.

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