So, why zombies? It's a question I've asked myself many times. I think more than anything, I wanted to run something far away from a fantasy game to prove to myself the 6d6 RPG could be used for things we weren't play-testing at the time: a modern game with a high fatality rate. It's been an interesting journey, one I urge you to take. Find new ways to use the game, twist it to the game you want to play, see if it will take. You'd be surprised what you'll get out of it.

Outbreak! Remixed

On the 6d6 website we've talked a lot about how the system is going to be yours to use and alter, and urge you to do just that. If you like Outbreak! why not write a sequel? Or re-imagine it? As an author I'd love to see what this adventure inspires. This adventure is an obvious homage to the king of zombie films (Night Of The Living Dead) and its sequels can easily be adapted as well (either Dawn Of The Dead or Return Of The Living Dead, depending on how you look at it).

Outbreak! is released under the creative commons (CC BY-SA) and you are encouraged to remix it. Just rip the text from the PDF. If you purchased the hard copy of this adventure from 6d6 you are entitled to the PDF as well when you register. You can also find the text of this adventure on the 6d6 Online Tools. See the Colophon for more information.

If you want inspiration for the remix or if you are just looking for something to show your players to put them in the right mood before playing, you can do worse than these works:

Night Of The Living Dead (and the Romero sequels): The classic which spawns not one but two separate franchises. If you can, watch Night before you go any further because it has such an influence on this adventure. Dawn is brilliant, Day less so but still good. I'll be honest and say I haven't seen any more than that. [Note from Editor - Land of the Dead is so-so; Diary of the Dead is really good and examines what happens when the YouTube generation meet zombies; Survival of the Dead is pretty poor]. It's rare to find a series in which the re-makes don't suck but even the new Dawn Of The Dead is good. [But avoid the remake of Day of the Dead like the plague - Ed].

Return of the Living Dead Series: The other sequels. Not as good, but you can find moments of brilliance in them.

28 Days Later: While this film features the wrong type of zombie, it's still well worth a watch and has a self-awareness that can be borrowed.

The Walking Dead (TV show & comic): For 'further adventures' you couldn't get much better than these sources. The comic is an almost by-the-numbers guide on how to run a good zombie campaign and the TV miniseries is shaping up the same way.

Evil Dead (and sequels): Just for comedic gore, these are excellent. If you can replicate the feel of the scene where he's fighting his own hand in the squirrel/attic moment, then you've done well. Army Of Darkness is not a useful source for this adventure but it's a great film.

Zombieland: A modern take on the zombie film and quite brilliant. The story of one man's quest for a twinkie. Or something like that.

Resident Evil: The games, not the films. The first one was a watershed moment in horror gaming. I really wanted to capture the brilliant weapon weirdness from that game. If you like a conspiracy element, this is the one to check out.

Shaun Of The Dead: The records in the attic are a tribute to this film. If you also want to include a Cornetto reference, go right ahead. Has any one else noticed that the pub in it is the same one briefly used in the 70s/80s Day Of The Triffids serial?

The Goon: A great series of comics where zombies do feature heavily, especially in the opening set of chapters. It's part of that classic bad-taste-gangster-horror-emotionally-moving-character-driven-carny-tale. You've never heard of that genre? Really? That's because there's nothing else like it. Rough Stuff, Nothin' But Misery, My Murderous Childhood and Heaps of Ruination all feature new interesting zombie moments.

There's plenty more that you can use as well, from Marvel Zombies to The Happiness Of The Katakuris, if you want to take this adventure to new heights or move Outbreak! into very different arenas. Feel free to play with it.

I hope you have as much fun chewing each others' brains out as I did.

Ben Jackson.

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