The Dungeon of Demon Strata adds the three new monster paths Living Death, Draug and Natural Spirit to the 6d6 RPG, plus one new monster (Rock Spirit) and four new mooks: Relentless Illusion; Skeleton, Chaos; Skeleton, Cursed and Zombie, Demonic. Additionally, three unique monsters / non-player characters are included: Bak-Bak-Rak (goblin chief), Baroness Erica De'Souf (undead) and Korvak (undead). All other monsters and mooks are from the 100 Monster Bestiary. Their full monster sheets are included for the Game Leader's convenience.

By Location
[1.3] Hole
Centipede, Lesser Giant Burrowing (Mooks)
[1.6] Bricked-Up Opening
Beetle, Venomous Swarm
[1.9] Maze
Golem, Wood
[1.11] Tomb
Poltergeist, Minor
[2.4] Chasm
Entropian Pondkin (Mooks)
[2.5] Burial Chamber
Relentless Illusion (Mook) and Mimic, Adult
[2.7] Temple Plaza
Zombie, Shambling (Mook)
[2.9] Inner Temple
Korvak, Flesh Monster
[3.4] Ladder
Statue, Living (Stone) and Statue, Living (Gold)
[3.7] Mine Head
Rock Spirit
[3.10] Goblin Corner
Bak-Bak-Rak and Goblin (Mook)
[4.8] Bridge
Troll and Troll, Lesser (Mook)
[4.10] Great Hall
Baroness Erica De'Souf, Zombie, Shambling (Mook), Skeleton, Chaotic (Mook) and Skeleton, Cursed (Mook)
[4.14] Rank Cave
Golem, Carrion
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