There are three ways to escape the island, each with a distinct ending. With the Deus Ex Machina and the Lighting the High Beacon escapes, the Game Leader will need to ad-lib based on the characters' actions.

Deus Ex Machina

The Game Leader can finish the adventure at almost any point with the arrival of an Imperial Navy ship.

It turns out that the characters' instincts in leaving the pirates was a good choice. The crew quickly fell to infighting and it was only a matter of time before the Imperial Navy came across the ship. Already half the crew were dead and the rest quickly surrendered. Learning that passengers had been cast adrift, the Navy headed for Savage Island. Knowing that the strange currents in this area pushed craft towards the island and that it was the only hope the characters had, the Navy sailed straight to it.

Exactly how the party is rescued depends on where on the island they are at the time. Some improvisation by the Game Leader is needed but the ship will conveniently arrive near to the characters. Because of the skill of the sailors, the Imperial Navy can land rowing boats almost anywhere on the island. The arrival of the Navy can trigger a mad dash from a party desperate not to be left behind, and can be enhanced by a pursuing band of Forest Walkers who have spotted the ship or the characters.

The Tower and the Nightship

When the Fay ruled the world they travelled the planes with ease. The Tower [L13] with its beacon is one of the last remaining signs of a remarkable transport system they created. Once vast fleets of ships sailed between the dimensions, on sea and sky, transporting people and cargo throughout the multiverse. Beacons such as the Tower were used to signal the ships and request passage. Though the Fay civilisation collapsed thousands of years ago, a few of the beacons remain. To escape the island the characters simply have to light the beacon at night, which summons the Nightship. Known only to a few, it is believed to be the last of its kind. On it, any intelligent or semi-intelligent creatures can travel in safety to almost anywhere in the multiverse.

The ship itself looks similar to a 19th century clipper with three high masts. However, it is surrounded by an eerie, ethereal glow. Brightly-coloured lanterns hang from every mast and spar giving the whole ship a festive, if spooky, look. The crew of the ship, numbering about 30, is made up of every conceivable race of intelligent or semi-intelligent creatures and includes an ogre, a fire elemental, two elves, an orc, a rakshasa, a centaur and many more. The captain is a tiny pixie, less than six inches high but dressed like a pirate complete with eye patch. No trouble is permitted between crew members or passengers. Anyone disobeying the captain or causing trouble will find themselves cast over the side.

The ship is immensely magic, impervious to damage from anything short of a god, and capable of travelling anywhere. Persons on the ship do not age and some of the crew have voluntarily served for many centuries. The Captain has only been captain for about 100 years, having taking it on when the last captain retired. In all, he has sailed on the ship for nearly four thousand years.

A few hours after the characters light the beacon, the Nightship will appear on the water about a mile away before pulling alongside the Tower and lowering a gangplank. This is unaffected by any type of weather. The Captain, who has no name but Captain, will greet the potential passengers and ask for the traditional payment of one Graknar per person for passage to anywhere. If asked, he will reveal he has no idea what a Graknar is, it is just what the Captain of this ship has always asked for and he is not going to curse the ship by breaking tradition.

As the party will not have a Graknar each, the Captain will barter. He is not after money or wealth but instead is interested in whatever the character values. This may be anything the character has, and as long as they value it and are willing to exchange it for passage, the Captain will accept it. This is why the quorakons pay with a Snow Raven feather, which is worthless to the Captain but it is of great value to a quorakon. If the characters lack anything they are willing to part with, they can work the passage - a trip to the Empire will only take a week. The Captain is entirely honest and upfront about the ship and the crew and will not deceive or trick anyone. It is entirely up to the characters if they choose to take this way off the island.

Lighting The High Beacon

The High Beacon on the upper plateau offers the third means of escape. A fire burning at night for at least three hours will be noticed by a ship which will arrive late the following afternoon. It will also be noticed by the Forest Walkers, and a group of warriors will immediately set off to investigate. It takes them just an hour to climb the 4000' from the village. They will try to put out the fire and kill anyone up there despite the risks involved when doing battle on narrow ledges in the dark.

The Captain and crew of any ship approaching the island are very cautious because trade with the Forest Walkers is lucrative but also dangerous. Normally, when a boat is signalled the Forest Walkers gather at Fisherman's Bay and wave to the boat as it nears. This it what the Walkers do for the ship summoned by the characters, except if it sails into the the bay they will attack in their canoes and massacre the crew. If the ship's crew spot the characters on the island they will avoid Fisherman's Bay and attempt a rescue wherever they can. There are many stories told by sailors about the brutality and savagery of the Forest Walkers and no crewman would want to leave anyone behind, even a complete stranger. Should something appear out of the ordinary, such as a signal fire on one of the headlands, but the characters are not visible, the captain will sail around the island a couple of times before heading off.


Characters who escape the island by any means automatically gain the Savage Island adventure path. Gaining this path does not cost any character points but otherwise is used as any other character path. It may be used in actions when appropriate and players may spend CP on the advantages included in the path.

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