Running the Adventure

Savage Island is a straight-forward adventure to run. Most locations are self-contained and the characters' actions in one place have little or no impact elsewhere. The characters' relationships with the different species on the island are similarly simple. The Forest Walkers are universally hostile while the quorakon are cautious but friendly.

Players should be allowed to explore the island at their own pace, though it is possible for the characters to find an escape route off the island relatively quickly. Game Leaders may wish to drop hints to the players that there is more to explore, or distract them with an additional encounter or two.

Though the characters start by starving and dying of thirst with little equipment, this should not be a handicap for them. It is there as a role playing opportunity and once the characters are ashore and have found food in the woods it should not be an issue. Game leaders who wish to incorporate more survival aspects into the game may do so using detrimental status effects such as Fatigued, and require actions for building shelters or similar.


The recommended setting for the Healing Throttle should be daily, allowing each character to benefit from one healing action per day with no penalty. This level of healing ensures a level of caution among characters. For a more realistic survival-based adventure reduce the throttle to weekly healing.


A players' map outlining what the characters can see of the island as they approach is provided. Separate maps for the Game Leader showing the key locations and how they connect are also included but the precise layout of each location is not shown. When relevant, the dimensions and shape of a location are described in the text but the exact details are unimportant. Game Leaders should ad-lib and add additional detail as required.


The adventure starts with the characters adrift at sea when they spy an island in the distance. The characters' first challenge is to reach the island without being drowned or smashed to bits on the hidden rocks. Once ashore they need to explore in order to find food and a way home.

There are three main routes off the island.

  • The Tower [L13] and the Nightship.
  • The High Beacon [U11] and a merchant ship.
  • A deus ex machina ending in the shape of the Imperial Navy.

The Nightship provides the simplest route off the island, but it depends on how the characters handle the quorakon who know the secret to the Tower and how to summon the Nightship. The High Beacon is harder to discover and characters will need to avoid the Forest Walkers while operating it and making their escape. Rescue by the Imperial Navy is for characters who fail to discover either of the other escape routes or groups who run out of time to finish the adventure.

Players Briefing

Read the following to the players before they create their own characters or select from the characters included with the adventure.

Savage Island is a fantasy adventure which starts with the characters adrift at sea in a rowing boat with almost nothing to their names. Characters only have their clothes, weapons, armour and other essentials for their character, e.g. holy symbols and magical components. The rest of the characters' adventuring equipment such as food, tents, lanterns and ropes have been lost.

The adventure takes place on a wild and savage island which the characters must explore to survive. There are many hazards on the island but also some potential friends. Characters should be created with a suitable mix of skills and their goal for the adventure is survival and rescue.

The six pre-generated characters included with the adventure have a range of skills and abilities useful on the island. There is no ideal combination of characters for this adventure, so let the players pick whichever ones take their fancy.

Half-elven ranger, has a range of useful skills.
A human who has just mastered his first magical spells. One of the more complicated characters to play.
Drax the Chain
A human, raised on the rough streets of the big city. He hits things.
Johann Baptiste
An elven cleric who does little directly but his ability to enhance the actions of others is very powerful. His magic makes the character one of the more complicated characters.
The world's tallest gnome. He has an axe and is not afraid to use it.
A rakshasa, a humanoid tiger whose claws and Tiger fighting style make a deadly combination.

Though all the characters are depicted as male, there is no reason why players cannot swap their genders to female.

Character Creation

Characters for Savage Island are created using the 6d6 Core and the Generic Modern Character Paths plus the paths included in this adventure. Additional paths for fantasy characters can be found in the Dungeon of Demon Strata adventure. Not all paths and advantages in the Generic Modern setting are appropriate for fantasy adventures. High-tech abilities such as computing or piloting aircraft should be avoided. Paths such as Law Enforcement can be renamed for a more suitable fantasy style, e.g. Watchman.

Character Equipment

Characters start with only the most basic equipment. They may have any character equipment they desire plus a choice of weapons and armour as mundane equipment. They may not have adventuring equipment - rations, ropes and the like - as mundane equipment. This was all stolen or lost when the pirates took over the characters' ship.

The characters do start with five items of useful equipment between them. How the players share it out is their choice. Advantages for these items can be found in the Fantasy Equipment List near the back of this book.

  • Rope, 100' Hemp
  • Flint & Steel
  • Lantern
  • Waterskin x 2
Notes on Subject & Style

The adventure contains little content which may be upsetting or contentious. If you are playing this game with your regular gaming group there is little to discuss regarding your preferred style of play. However it is entirely possible the characters will take prisoners, including women and children, and not all players will be comfortable with role playing the torture and violence which may arise in these situations. It is worth discussing what is considered acceptable player behaviour and subject matter for role playing around your gaming table.

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