After a week in an open boat with no food and no drink but plenty of ocean all around, land - any land - is an attractive prospect. Even a tiny, remote, mysterious island is an improvement. Other than the deadly currents, hidden rocks, giant waves, caves, rats, skeletons, ancient ruins, flesh-eating beetles, crude statues, rock-hewn thrones, skulls, ghosts, sacrificial pits, hostile natives, four-armed intelligent apes, devils, land squids and a magical tower, how it could it be more dangerous than staying afloat?

Savage Island is designed for use as a simple introductory adventure with plenty of scope for expansion. It is a sandbox adventure, meaning that there is no definitive or optimal way to complete it. Parties can take the shortest route off the island or they can spend months exploring its mysterious history and strange population. If a Game Leader needs to bring the scenario to an end quickly, there is a deus ex machina that can finish the adventure in a matter of minutes.

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