Appendix Definitions

Golden Rule


Card Types

Flow & Pools



Injury, Health & Death



Keywords appear on cards to describe how a card is played, any special effects it has in the game and other useful information.

Unless superseded or expressly, all cards have the following keywords even if not specified.


Card Behaviour Keywords

Keywords that alters the default behaviour of a card.





Other Rule-Sets

Rule-set specific cards.


The 6d6 RPG system is based on the idea of keeping things simple and this includes the rules.

If the a rule or game mechanic cannot be defined in a couple of hundred characters, it is too complicated. Either it should be rewritten or broken down into smaller rules that can then be combined to produced the desired outcome.

By breaking game mechanics into their smallest possible definitions, it requires the design process to remain focus on simplicity and encourages the reuse of existing mechanics.

At the heart of the system are rule cards. These are standard sized game cards that define the rules. These cards can be easily included or excluded from a rule set to quickly produce house rules and custom systems.

Each card can be supplemented with guidance notes and general discussion but they can be ignored.

When played, persistent cards remain in the pool and do not rotate. That is, they can be played any number of times during a round.

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