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6d6 Magic is version of the 6d6 Core rule set tailored for fantasy settings. A sample setting is provided along with a range of monsters, arcane spells and magi items but Game Leaders and players are encourage to create their own world and brands of magic.


Ideas, rules, cards and other things that will end-up in 6d6 Magic but haven't got a home yet.

6d6 Magic Cards

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Soul Damage

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6d6 Magic © Chris Tregenza

Written by Chris Tregenza

6d6 RPG designed by Chris Tregenza

Cover design by Chris Tregenza.

Cover Original Artwork - FromOldBooks.Org

The 6d6 Magic could not have been created without the support, advice, criticism and complaints of a large number of people. However special thanks must go to the Monday night play-test group - David, Paul C, Sooz, Gareth and Anthony, the Wednesday night 6d6 Crew - Paul, 'Original' Ben, Kieran, 'Other' Ben, Sonny and Phay and my regular Thursda night group - Paul (again), Pete and Rob.

Thanks also to Andy (Chimera Beeston) and David (Mondo Comico) for their continual support for the 6d6 project.

Except where noted, the text and graphics in 6d6 Magic are released under:

The cards used in the 6d6 Magic are covered by:

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

The 6d6logo-border-150x150.jpg and logos are copyright 6d6 Fireball with trademarks. They are not released under any form of Creative Commons licence. 6d6 Fireball asserts its full rights over these marks.

Odds & Sods Collected During Play-Testing

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