Steven 'Stones' McCay
Steven McCay, formerly at the Winsgate Medical Facility on Titan, joined the TSN Oculas as its replacement medical officer, xenobiologist and salvage team leader. A skilled medical practitioner with expert knowledge in alien biology and cultures, McCay is generally considered to be the level-headed, calm member of the team and is well respected. He got the name 'Stones' because of the way he stood up to the Oculas' Captain when it came out that Pliskin was a psionic. **NOTES** McCay's area of expertise is aliens with Xeno-Anatomy and Xeno-Biology advantages. If he is in a lab he can use his Lab Technology, Bio/Chem-Hazard and Dissection to really get under an alien's skin. When there are no aliens around his medical abilities, Medical Treatment and Medical Technology, and his motivation skills, Leader, Inspiration and Team Talk, are a useful boost to the group. McCay is a custom build character using the Generic Modern setting and the Xenologist character path from the bonus section of the same setting.
Free Resist
1 [ Cool Under Pressure ]

Mundane Equipment 1d6+0

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