Nick 'The Brick' Boston
Gunnery Sergeant Nick Boston, Terran Stellar Navy Marine, was dishonorably discharged from the TSNM three years ago on two charges: disobeying direct orders so he could save three of his men, and striking the superior officer who gave the order. Searching for a man with strong loyalty to his comrades, Steven McCay approached Nick and offered him a slot on the team as "The Muscle." **NOTES** Nick is well-suited for combat, Small Arms, Weapon Expertise, Self-Defence, Brawn, Manual Dexterity and his Military Service advantages are easily applied to fights. Outside of combat he is limited. Sharp Eyes and Search are good for spotting things and his Think Differently advantage is suitable in many situations. Nick Boston is a custom build using the Generic Modern setting.
Free Resist
1 [ Self-Defence ]

Mundane Equipment 1d6+0

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