Abbs Saxton
Having operated on the boundary between legal and illegal for many years, Abbs was looking for something more legitimate but with the same thrill. Salvage work proved to be the perfect solution, from taming malfunctioning computer systems to battling alien technology. Abbs is having great time and the money is good. She misses her family and the comforts of home but the team have become a second family to her. ** NOTES ** Abbs' skills lie in computing and whenever working on a computer she can use her Neural Jack to plug straight into it. By combining her Hacker, Computer Hacking, Cryptography and Problem Solving advantages she can master almost any computer system. With her Space Life, Damage Control and Spacecraft Systems she is also capable of running a ship. Her Dirty Fighting gives her options in combat and Retreat is very useful at keeping out of trouble. Abbs Saxton is a custom build character using the paths from the Generic Modern setting.
Free Resist
1 [ Dirty Fighting ]

Mundane Equipment 1d6+0

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