Mary Mallon
Mary is eight and lived alone with her grandmother. An hour ago her house was attacked by zombies. Her grandmother was eaten in front of Mary's eyes but not before pressing a medallion with a crucifix design into Mary's hand saying 'This will protect you'. Mary was splattered by her grandmother's blood and chased by zombies, then the flesh-eaters seemed to ignore her. She made her way to the road and was almost run down by the bus. Now she's in a world of her own, talking to Mr Snuffles, her teddy bear. **NOTES ** Mary is a great support character with interesting abilities. Alert and her free resist advantage Diminutive will help keep her out of trouble. The character is a custom build and the Game Leader has swapped Diminutive for Unusual Size on the Weirdo path to better represent the child's size.
Free Resist
1 [ Diminutive ]
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