John Otto
John is one those people who gets on with their own life, drifting from place to place, working for a year here, a few months there. He was working at the bus depot as a mechanic when things went crazy. Trusting his instincts, Otto jumped into the cab of a parked bus and got the hell out of the city. Along the way he picked up anyone he could including a young cheerleader who ran straight at the bus, jumping in the door without waiting for the bus to stop. Despite all this John seems to be taking it in his stride. **NOTES** The classic everyman, John has a lot of practical advantages such as Problem Solving and Mechanical Repair. In combat his Self-Defence, Toughness and Brawn can be effective and his City Move allows him to move quickly out of (or into) danger. John Otto is built using the Independent archetype.
Free Resist
1 [ Self-Defence ]

Mundane Equipment 1d6+0

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