Cherry Blows
Cherry is a cheerleader who believes that when the divine comes knocking, no one can resist it. Calvinism is an obsession of hers and she's is convinced the zombie apocalypse is the rapture and that God is bringing everyone home. Cherry was being chased by a horde of undead, praying to her god when suddenly a bus came around the corner with an open door. A clear message from God. She jumped aboard and has since been cheering everybody up with her singing.*** NOTES *** Cherry has a lot of life advantages letting her take a lot of damage. She lacks any direct combat skills but her Brawn and Grace advantages are useful, particularly in conjunction with her free resist Acrobatics. Cherry's real combat abilities come from her Heckle which in combination with other advantages such as Perform and Pom Poms can confuse and distract zombies. Her Rural advantage has the Environment keyword so it can be used in any action in the countryside.
Free Resist
1 [ Acrobatics ]
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