Belle Reeves
Despite a zombie apocalypse raining down on her head, Belle has had worse days. A child of the streets, today is just another day when people are giving her shit. Last night she slept on the floor of a public toilet and the whole world had gone zombie by the time she woke up. She was able to fend them off but her abusive yelling attracted another survivor. That someone turned out to be renowned TV cage fighter Axel Reid. After a quick (very quick) battle of wits, he was persuaded to flee town with her and they were lucky enough to picked up by the bus. However the cheerleader won't stop singing hymns and now Belle really is in hell. **NOTES** Belle's advantages are focused on keeping herself alive. She has good protective abilities such as Toughness, Dodge and her Leather Jacket, plus Sprint for getting out of trouble. If things get desperate, she can also dish out damage with Headbutt or Flick Knife and her Pure Rage can come in handy as well.
Free Resist
1 [ Leather Jacket ]
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