Axel Reid
King of the cage fighters, Axel had it all. An amazing media contract, a supermodel wife called Israel, a flat-screen TV, a pool and respect as a master of the ring. That was last night. This morning, his world is in tatters. His contract is worthless, his wife turned into a zombie and he had to use the flat-screen to beat her to death. The pool is now full of corpses. Having only his skills left, he's hit the road. About four hours ago he encountered Belle Reeves and together they were picked up by a bus as they hiked out of town. Since then a cheerleader has been picked up and Axel is only aware of her short skirt, tight jumper and ample pom poms. **NOTES** Axel's secret weapon is his Five Winds Stance advantage which allows him to reroll any ones on the dice in actions using this advantage. But the stance requires static potential and must be used with other Five Winds advantages. Getting the best out of Axel requires careful management of potential.
Free Resist
1 [ Five Winds Block ]

Mundane Equipment 1d6+0

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