Padre Wok-Mak
Growing up as a goblin in a human city is a tough childhood. His clan lived in the sewers, living off refuse and by doing the most disgusting jobs which no one else would take. Death was a commonplace sight -- death from disease, death from malnutrition and death from violence, often at the hands of humans. One day as Wok-Mak neared maturity, a human came into the sewers looking for the goblins. Not to kill them as others had but to help them. Padre Mickelson followed a literal interpretation of the Temple of Mystic Light which taught of taking lights into dark places. The padre helped the goblins and used magic to save the badly-infected leg of Wok-Mak's mother. Mickelson returned the next day and again the next, by which time Wok-Mak was a firm believer in the Mystic Light. The young goblin followed the padre out of the sewer and into the temple. That was 20 years ago and Wok-Mak faced many trials and hardships before achieving his ambition and emulating Padre Mickelson. Now Padre Wok-Mak seeks out dark places, bringing light and healing, and killing those which spread darkness.
Free Resist
1 [ Longsword ]
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