Jackson Hammerfall
Jackson's earliest memories are of being in a mine with his father, watching him hammer pit props into place. At the time Jackson could not lift the dwarven mine hammer but what he wanted more than anything in life was to wield a hammer like his father. Jackson's proudest day was when he had served his apprenticeship and became a full member of the Brotherhood of the Miners. What he did not expect was how dull the work was. Having achieved his goal, mining lost its attraction but he had no idea what else to do. When he had a chance encounter with a group of mercenaries who included a dwarf, it dawned on Jackson there was a whole world to explore and a dwarf who is good with a hammer will never be out of work. A few months later, after waiting until his work on the new mineshaft was complete, Jackson left the mine and ventured into the surface world.
Free Resist
1 [ Hammer & Axe ]
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