Outbreak! Cards

Cards developed for the Adventures adventure Outbreak!.

A Frickin Chainsaw!EquipmentLook Mummy, no hands!
Aerosol CanEquipmentA pressurised can of inflammable gases. With an ignition source, this makes a good, single use weapon.
Chow DownLifeMy what big teeth you have....
Double-Barrelled ShotgunEquipmentA rusty but usable shotgun. Both barrels can be fired in a single action, doubling the dice and modifier value for this advantage.
INFECTION!HazardInfected with the untreatable zombie virus which rapidly ravages the body. The virus attacks each scene and does life damage if not resisted. After death, the victim turns into a zombie.
LighterEquipmentDefinitely a Zippo
Old Paint CanEquipmentThis old paint can is about full of about 5 litres (1 gallon) of petrol.
Petrol CanEquipmentPetrol can with a capacity of 25 litres.
Pom PomsEquipmentThere is nothing more distracting than a cheerleader. Except for a cheerleader with Pom Poms
RecordsEquipmentVinyl from a bygone era - the 'Batman' soundtrack, Dire Straits and Sade.
RopeEquipment20 feet of good rope.
Sharp RingEquipmentBelle's ring is pruposefully made to do damage
The CleaverEquipmentLarge and heavy knife. Reroll ones in attacks using this weapon.

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