Danny Idryo, 2017/02/21 20:57

What does it mean for Warrior-Born to have a higher Rcp (recoup) score than DP? According to the rules, "During combat, in each initiative turn characters can recoup a number of dynamic potential equal to their character's recoup score" (Recouping)

The RECOUP (RCP) page also states that the Rcp score only applies to DP. ("Each character or creature has an Rcp or Recoup value that indicates how many dynamic potential tokens they can recoup during their initiative turn.")

However, in Do Nothing, the rules say "Characters who do nothing may recoup one additional potential," implying that the Rcp score is also used to calculate the number of potential (DP + SP) that can be recouped while resting.

The Core book just says "By taking no actions and spending no potential during their turn, the character has a chance to rest. This allows them to recoup three tokens. The character may also choose to recoup static as well as dynamic potential tokens. Any combination of static and dynamic tokens may be recouped but the total number of tokens moved from the spent pile to the bank cannot exceed three," which contrasts the flexible language of Do Nothing.

I prefer to believe that the core rules are written from the typical player's perspective for simplicity, but the rule as written in Do Nothing is correct: You may recoup Rcp + 1 potential tokens when resting.

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