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Welcome to 6d6 Online, the innovative RPG publishing system for 6d6 Shootouts and the 6d6 RPG.

All our products are free-to-read online because we believe that in the 21st century there is no reason for publishers to trick people into buying their books. We want customers to buy our games because they are good games, not because of a pretty cover or misleading description.

When we say all our products are free-to-read, we mean all. Even the ones we are currently developing. Look in the right places and you find rough drafts, half-written chapters and discarded ideas. Everyone is encouraged to give the writers and creators feedback throughout the whole process of turning an idea into a product. Members of 6d6 Online can get their hands dirty and contribute directly in the creative process.

Things To Read

6d6 Core is the heart of the 6d6 RPG. A setting-free rule set that explains from first principles how the game works.

An introductory zombie apocalypse adventure using the 6d6 Core.

A deep space adventure for the 6d6 Core.

Without cards there is no 6d6 RPG. Fortunately, there is an ever growing number of them for use in your own games.
Work In Progress

These are some of our projects currently in development.

6d6 Bots - In our first major setting the players are robots in a dark, dystopian future.

6d6 Magic - Expanding 6d6 into the world of fantasy gaming

6d6 Cybernetics - A supplement for near future games.

6d6 Hellenic - Become the champions of the ancient Greek gods.

Rebel Flesh - A twisted and dark modern horror setting.

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