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The Road To Petra has a long history which has helped to shape its central plot. It started life as a Cthulhu Invictus adventure run for the Monday night group at Mondo Comico, Nottingham, but halfway through the adventure it became the very first 6d6 game. The characters heavily influenced the historical backstory and were the first players to encounter the Tower. Many thanks to Paul, Sooz, David and the rest of the group who put up with a very, very, rough game system.

The second incarnation of The Road To Petra was run for a 24 hour role playing session at Chimera, Beeston. This adventure took a TV crew and transported them to the Tower. The enthusiasm with which the players embraced being TV presenters and crew helped form the modern-day backstory to this book. Many thanks to Andy at Chimera for hosting the events and to Trina and everyone else who played.

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