Living Document

At 6d6, we believe you should only have to buy a game once and not constantly upgrade to the latest edition. This is why all our PDFs, our games, our RPGs, our adventures, settings and supplements come with the Living Document Promise.

If you have registered your 6d6 product, you will always have free access to the latest PDF no matter how many versions we have released. That's a promise.

Anyone who has purchased a copy of this document (in digital or physical formats) from 6d6 Fireball or one of its official stockists may register for the Living Document Promise.

Email with your name, the title of the PDF or book and details of when and where you purchased your copy.

6d6 Online

The full contents of this book are available to read on the 6d6 website.

Members of 6d6 Online, which includes anyone who has registered for the Living Document, may edit and update this book and all of 6d6 RPG's publications. They may also create their own content which reuses and remixes official content.

Visit 6d6 Online for more information:

Contact Us

If you want to know more about the 6d6 RPG, the people who created it or if wish to ask a question, there are lots of ways to contact us.


6d6 is very active on Google+. We have an official page but for a greater diversity of role play material and posts, follow Chris Tregenza. Facebook


Our blog, features a lot of the same content which appears on Google+.


Our 6d6 Fireball Facebook page carries pretty much the same RPG and gaming content as our G+ page.


We have a Twitter feed, @6d6Fireball which mostly carries links to new blog and Google+ posts.


Our YouTube channel, 6d6 Fireball, contains recordings of online games and our regular open business meeting.


Contact Chris Tregenza directly -

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