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Legendary Bundle


Age of Legends & 6d6 Core

All you need to play the epic new setting Age of Legends.

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The cheapest way to buy the 6d6 Core and Age of Legends.

“The art for Age of Legends is perfect” – Krendel.Net

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Epic & Fast

Champions, chosen by the Olympian gods, may become legends but being an hero is not an easy life. There are meddling gods and mortal politics to navigate while fantastic creatures roam free outside the city walls. Age of Legends takes full advantage of the 6d6 RPG’s fast and easy-to-learn rules enabling the players freedom to be the hero they want to be.

Special Bundle Prices

Order this bundle and you will receive everything you need to play: The 196 page Age of Legends and the 128 page 6d6 RPG Core. Both books are in full colour, print editions come with PDFs and the PDFs are free to share with your friends.