Names are important

Roleplaying Names

Coming up with plausible names for characters, NPCs and even the villages, towns and cities in a scenario or campaign can be a bit of a bind. I love to think I have a creative mind but I often go blank when faced with this challenge. When you think about

New Dice by Niriel

D&D Dice

Dice in D&D are a life or death matter so what are best dice and how do you get the best from your dice? What Are The Dice in D&D? Platonic Solids and Trapezohedra A platonic solid is one where each face is made up of equal sides and angles

Hear Speak See Evil

Evil in D&D

What Do We Mean By Evil? D&D’s concept of alignment has always been a decisive idea. It allows clear cut game mechanics such as Protection from Evil spells and the Turning Undead ability that mimic the effects found in fantasy and horror fiction. But it has always been problematic whenever