6d6 and Cooking With Dice

Jennifer Howlett has a new Kickstarter that’s just started – [Link]. Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test is an RPG themed recipe book with cute artwork and a detailed campaign.  Check out the video below for 6d6’s attempt at a level 1 jam recipe. Find out even more at http://cookingwithdice.com/

Christmas Is Murder

A Christmas present from 6d6 to tabletop gamers everywhere Our gift to you is a free download of our blood-soaked Christmas whodunit mystery – Mince Pies & Murder. Because nothing says Christmas like a spot of murder. Six famous detectives are invited to spend Christmas with a notorious but dying

OSR / D&D Sewer Resources

A quick round up of free OSR /D&D adventures in sewers part of this month’s sewer & waste themed RPG Blog Carnival The Lair has a random sewer encounter table for you Two page sewer map and descriptions from Dyson Logos Also from Dyson this crypts & sewers map, our

Slime snake

Over thirty feet of swimming serpent that’s just at home in the dark sewers as it was in the fetid swamps. It lurks amongst the debris that floats in the opaque water, waiting in ambush.  It’s constriction is aided by the numbing slime that coats its scales. The Slime Snake

Junk Dog

Feral dogs that are living wild on abandoned landfills. The contents of the landfills have mutated them into something more insectoid than mammal.  They feed on the garbage but are hungry for live food. The Junk Dog has been created for the RPG Blog Carnival and is a monster for

Porcelain Ghosts

There is little dignity in death but dying on the toilet is one of the least dignified ways to die and surprisingly common. Some souls are so shamed by this lack the dignity that they cannot face the afterlife and become trapped as ghosts which lurk around toilets and in

Garbage Golem

Don’t have decent stone or a good supply of metal?  The resourceful wizard uses whatever they have to hand including junk and refuse.  Garbage golems are held together by their incantations alone as their constituent parts of rotting matter and broken structure aren’t secure by themselves.  The poor quality of

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