The World Turns

Our artists +Jack Door uploaded some test renderings of for our Kickstarter video. They’re rough and small but already getting me excited. I can only share a tiny part of them with you, in this case, the map of the ancient world as it tilts so we can show the

Outbreak! Floor Plans

Free, public domain, floor plans for a modern house suitable for 28mm miniatures and RPGs in general. Maps & Milestones Another major milestone in the 6d6 RPG this week. For the first time there is a session of the 6d6 RPG running without me being there. In fact I had

Fantasy Maps

Maps in Role-playing Games Tolkien started it by putting a map in the front of The Lord of the Rings. Since then every fantasy author, and most GMs, have mapped out their world in loving detail. But what about the characters? What sort of maps do they have and how

Free D&D Tavern Settings

Beneath the Screen has a free floor-plan and background notes for a great little tavern / inn useable for D&D or other fantasy systems (Use This Tavern). I love little things like this because one of the things that has always bugged me about designing and running adventures is the