D&D 3.5 resurgent and not doomed?

D&D 3.5 Resurgent?

There is no doubt that WotC wants to kill off D&D 3.5. Nothing would please them more than to have everyone chuck their old books in the bin and buy every 4e product they can. There is nothing wrong with this and it is exactly the same approach taken by

What if 4e was Free?

So you are the Head of D&D at Wizards. Fourth edition has not been the massive success that was hoped for with many fans sticking to 3.5 or worse, going to 4e and switching back. D&D Insider was a year late and is still missing major features. Your business model

5 Gallon Bucket

The biggest round up of the best blogging this week and it has a lot of good & bad news for Wizards of the Coast. Questing GM has the latest PDFs and class news in the Word of Wizards. Meanwhile Critical Hits have Exclusive Preview: “Real Ultimate Power” Sourcebook Rituals

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