Ethiopain Dragon from Age of Legends Tabletop RPG

Ethiopian Dragon

At 180′ foot long, the Ethiopian Dragon is a true monster and is a predatory beast that has no agenda other than to feed on those weaker than it. To the mortal champions in Age of Legends it poses are a real challenge with 234 Character Points and 19 Meta-Character

Golden Dragon

Currency Dragon

Cunning and obsessed with wealth, the elder dragon Ambylen became determined to defeat even death.  She attacked libraries and mage colleges in pursuit of necromancy.  From her captured tomes Ambylen learnt how to syphon the souls of powerful mortals to replenish her own life force.  The foundation spell called for

More D&D Humor

A cartoon I had completely forgotten in our previous looks at D&D Humor. What’s New with Phil & Dixie ran in the early 1980’s, just as I was starting to get into gaming. 25+ years on, the cartoons are now appearing every week on the web. Despite their age, the

Friday's Bucket

Things you may of missed from around the world. D&D will never beat the natural world for strange creatures such as this shrimp that spits a glowing blue cloud. Staying with the real world for inspiration, thirteen of the world’s creepiest places. I like the idea of making my party