Running Back-to-Back D&D Sessions

After 25 years GMing, I had a new experience on Saturday. Running the same scenario in two back-to-back sessions only 20 minutes apart. It proved a very useful play-testing experience. As part of our demonstration day at Chimera I was running two D&D 3.5 sessions whilst Mike demonstrated miniature painting

D&D 4e Review: The Desire

The Desire, Published by Nevermet Press What is The Desire? It is a chimera made from the parts of many creatures – part adventure, part background material and part fiction. All the product of a unusual, collaborative writing process. Originally written without a specific game system in mind, the PDF

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Not the score of a really bizarre football (soccer) match but the end product of a very busy week at 6d6 Fireball that has involved the launch of new adventures and new miniatures. Monday saw a preview of our Dark Trolls and an associated article about Making Monsters Different. Tuesday

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