D&D Carnival Round-Up

For 35 years, the game of D&D has defined role playing. In that time, millions of people around the world have played it and many of them have fallen in love with the game. Few games have developed such a devoted following and I’m proud that the July carnival has

Carnival's End

Thank you everyone who has taken part in this month’s carnival on D&D, either as a blogger or by leaving a comment. Your involvement is very much appreciated and the round up of all the articles will be out tomorrow. August’s Carnival is being hosted by Chgowiz’s Old Guy RPG

"You want to do what?"

Part of the D&D Bloggers Carnival. 5 Rules for Smart D&D Players It is the moment I love. That moment when the GM stares at you, first in disbelieve and then in realisation of what it means. The moment your cunning plan comes together and the GM suddenly finds all


  UPDATE: The D&D Carnival Round-Up contains details of all the articles and blogs taking part in this carnival. The topic for this month’s carnival is D&D. The game that launched it all has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last 35 years. From early success