Adventure Writers Group

One thing noticeable about the entries to the Adventure Writing Competition is that many writers encounter the same problems when making the leap from writing adventures for themselves to writing adventures for publication. To help everyone, I’ve set-up a Google Group for adventure writers. The group is by invitation only

3.5 Resurgent – The Icon

Chatting to Dingle’s Games in the pub last night, discussing the idea that 3.5 is making a resurgence among gamers. When Paul got home he started this thread on Paizo and this got me thinking that we need a flag or icon that 3.5 gamers can gather behind. So instead

D&D 3.5 resurgent and not doomed?

D&D 3.5 Resurgent?

There is no doubt that WotC wants to kill off D&D 3.5. Nothing would please them more than to have everyone chuck their old books in the bin and buy every 4e product they can. There is nothing wrong with this and it is exactly the same approach taken by