If this poll is to believed, most gamers are honest, reliable friends but there is a dark underside.

Our first question was about your actions as a player. 61% said they tried to get everyone organised but only 5% said they do what everyone else is doing. This suggests to me that there are too many people trying to lead in most groups. I’ve seen plenty of 20 minutes discussions about how to open a door before so I think this is a reliable result.

Dice are our trusted and reliable friends for almost 80% of us with only 13% of people getting fussy about others using them. Personally my dice are trusted and reliable. Unfortunately I trust them to roll badly and they reliably do so.

Not surprisingly 69% of GMs think of themselves as Fair but Flexible though it would be interesting to know what their players think. 20% described themselves as “Master of fun, cheerleader of amusement”. This personally sounds like hell to me and I would rather game with the 10% who described themselves as “A Bastard”.

Oddly, no one describes themselves as “Someone who plays strictly by the book”. I wonder if game designers are aware of how little we care for the rules they write?

Clearly lots of people lied on the question about cheating or possibly I’m just far too cynical. But 64% said they never cheated. Only 28% claimed they “Find that extra +1 from somewhere when I really need it” which I think is suspiciously on the low side. However those 8% who said they “Do it most sessions” or “Believe it is part of the game” are very naughty boys.