Adventure Hooks for Potions

So pleased was I with the previous post about potions, this post is all about adventure hooks for those potions. Jittertery – A new gang of street thieves are prowling the streets of Palperroth. They’re robbing large crowds by snatching purses and bags as they rush through them.  Palperroth is


Time Mages

Time mages don’t use blood, spirit or mana to power their spells.  They burn time.  In exchange for casting all manner of spells time pauses at a location.  With preparation a mage can recite a spell that specifies the location. Without preparation, time is paused around the casting mage.  Time

Rocket Age Review

Review in a Rocket Age

Written by Ken Spencer and published by Cubicle 7. Rocket Age is a role playing game of retro space adventures set in an alternate 1930s. Rocket Content Rocket Age wastes no time in setting up and introducing the tone of the game and setting.  The game is grounded in melodrama


Elthos Review

Elthos, written by Mark Abrams is advertised as a lightweight, fast action RPG and can be found at http://www.elthos.com. The website also includes access to the Mythos Machine, a web application for GMs and players to world build and run games that use Elthos.  This review is of Beta Version


Curious about Age of Legends?

It’s been several months since the success of our KickStarter. As we begin to ship the product and share out our gorgeous artwork, we’d like to share out links to the fine people who’ve helped us publicize Age of Legends.  In these you’ll find all sorts of interesting information about

Monster in the Machine

The Monster in the Machine

What happens when science meets magic? Machines possessed by demons? That’s science fantasy, which is the topic of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, as hosted by Daemons & Deathrays.  What separates science fantasy from science fiction is the introduction of the supernatural and magical.  Let’s take this a little bit

Nefertiti Overdrive

Nefertiti Overdrive Review

Billed as high octane action in Ancient Egypt, Nefertiti Overdrive is by Fraser Ronald of Sword’s Edge Publishing and had it’s successful KickStarter in February 2015. Content Nefertiti Overdrive is not a setting book.  Beyond a few paragraphs setting events as happening during the Assyrian invasion that overthrew the 25th


The Magic of Age of Legends

The topic of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is Wizards, as introduced by Harbinger of Doom . They want to know about the magic users in your RPG, in particular their culture. Circe and Medea are perhaps the most famous mortal magic users of Ancient Greece, featuring prominently in the

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