Rubbish NPC

Heavy David, The Man of Garbage

Heavy David claims everything that’s thrown away in Crystal Town as his. At dusk he pushes around his huge cart by hand, collecting rubbish. He never takes anything that still has an owner, somehow sensing the difference between lost and discarded. His vast size is threatening enough that most do

Rubbish Art NPC

The Garbage Gardener

A small little humanoid, barely 2 feet tall, that’s obsessed with what others throw away.  From amongst it’s rags can be seen six arms, two legs and many eyes.  When the arrive on a planet, it will search for a location of no natural beauty.  It then begins to collect

Plot Hooks Fit To Flush Down the Sewers

Intro Continuing this month’s carnival theme of waste and sewers in RPGs we have three more adventure seeds with a distinctive, scatalogical theme. Shadowkind Shadowkind are beings composed of living darkness that are harmed by anything stronger than starlight.  In ancient times their clans lived freely under the stars, enjoying


These Plot Hooks Are Garbage

Garbage, effluent and the people who work with it are a great source of RPG inspiration because not all adventures take place in beautiful forests, gleaming palaces or sprawling dungeons.  There are stories to be found and explored much closer to home, amongst the waste and the not wanted. As


Adventure Hooks for Potions

So pleased was I with the previous post about potions, this post is all about adventure hooks for those potions. Jittertery – A new gang of street thieves are prowling the streets of Palperroth. They’re robbing large crowds by snatching purses and bags as they rush through them.  Palperroth is


Time Mages

Time mages don’t use blood, spirit or mana to power their spells.  They burn time.  In exchange for casting all manner of spells time pauses at a location.  With preparation a mage can recite a spell that specifies the location. Without preparation, time is paused around the casting mage.  Time

Rocket Age Review

Review in a Rocket Age

Written by Ken Spencer and published by Cubicle 7. Rocket Age is a role playing game of retro space adventures set in an alternate 1930s. Rocket Content Rocket Age wastes no time in setting up and introducing the tone of the game and setting.  The game is grounded in melodrama

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